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Wikipedia of Interdental Brush

An interdental or interproximal ("proxy") brush is a small brush, typically disposable, either supplied with a reusable angled plastic handle or an integral handle, used for cleaning between teeth and between the wire of dental braces and the teeth.

There is evidence that, after tooth brushing with a conventional tooth brush, interdental brushes remove more plaque than dental floss.[22]

Brushes are available in a range of widths ranked from 1 to 7, color-coded as per ISO 16409. Interdental brushes are classified according to ISO standard 16409:2006. The ISO brush size is determined by the PHD or Passage Hole Diameter in mm. This PHD is the minimum diameter of a hole that the interdental brush will pass through without deforming the brush wire stem.


TePe Interdental Brushes, color-coded according to ISO 16409

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