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Malmö's largest solar power plant now operational at TePe

E.ON eco-friendly Malmo ProHealth solar power plant sustainability

TePe has signed an agreement with electric services company E.ON on a record large solar cell plant in Malmö. On a roof area of approximately 2600 m2, solar panels with a total power of 244 kW and an estimated production of approximately 220,000 kWh/year will be installed. The solar cell plant will be the largest in Malmö.

– We want to be a driving force in a long-term sustainable development. We already buy electricity only from renewable sources, and the investment in solar cells also gives us the opportunity to supply part of our energy needs ourselves in direct connection with our production. This means that Sweden's most purchased toothbrush will, under favourable weather conditions, be produced entirely using solar energy, says Joel Eklund, CEO at TePe.

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