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Tepe Dental Sticks (Slim) - with fluoride (10 packs)

Tepe Dental Sticks (Slim) - with fluoride (10 packs)


Slim dental stick. For tighter interdental spaces. 25 pc dental sticks per box (old package) 

It is recommended to use dental sticks nightly between all the interdental spaces to help prevent overnight bacteria growth. Choose a wooden stick size that will fit your interdental spaces. If necessary, let your dentist or dental hygienist find the right size for you. For extra caries protection, choose a fluoride impregnated dental stick. If you use fluoride impregnated dental sticks, wait at least half an hour before you eat or drink. The released fluoride will then stay in your mouth and help prevent dental caries.

Moisten the dental stick in your mouth before using it. This will make it last longer, be more pliable and have a better fluoride effect. Move the dental stick, flat side against gum tissue, back and forth in each interdental space. Dental sticks will clean larger surfaces if angled. If you hold one or more fingers against your chin, you will get more stability and better control.

NOTE: Package may vary.

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