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NBF Gingival Gel
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NBF Gingival Gel

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Mix the gel with small amount of warm water, mix with plastic or wooden spoon.
Gurgle for 1-2 min (tilt head upwards to move the mixture to throat area)
ideal for blister, small wound inside and around the mouth
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Propolis antioxidants in a nano gel / toothpaste
  • Calms and improves appearance of sensitive, red, bleeding and swollen gums 
  • Helps shorten the recovery after surgery in the mouth
  • Neutralizes acid causing bacteria in the mouth
  • Fights tooth decay and bad breath
  • Supports natural healing of ulcers/ lesions/ cracks/ cuts/ tear/ blisters
  • Minty herbal taste / Easy to use

•Made out of natural potent bio-compatible antioxidants in a nano-emulsion

•High antioxidant potential reducing free radicals

•Neutralizes bacteria on the tongue-use with tongue scraper 

•Soothes the gums after scale and polish / root planing (deep cleaning)

•Supports healthy gums in braces /dentures/bridge wearers and crowned teeth 

•Soothes mouth following medicine/extremely hot /savory food injuries

•Optimizes healing environment following mouth surgeries (tooth extraction/implants/laser treatment/root canal/ any mouth surgeries)

•Revitalizes the mouth lining after radiotherapy and chemotherapy 

•Suitable for use while pregnant or breastfeeding and by children

•Suitable for use by high blood pressure and diabetes sufferers

•Minty herbal taste / Easy to use


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